47. That drafted patterns are by far the most accurate of all patterns must be conceded. Yet, fully to appreciate their many virtues, it is absolutely necessary to become thoroughly acquainted with them. To some beginners in dressmaking it might seem that the close-fitting patterns treated in this Section consume too much time; however, they may rest assured that such is not the case, for when it is considered that from the principles outlined for these closefitting foundations are made all close-fitting undergarments, dresses, and coats, their importance justifies the demand for careful study and practice.

With this thought in mind, even after perfect patterns have been drafted according to the measurements here given for tight-fitting linings, the beginner should not rest satisfied with the work accomplished. Rather, she should draft any number of similar patterns from individual measurements or those selected from the table of average proportions given in Pattern Drafting. The work, too, should be proved by measuring and testing the lines so as to make sure that all rules laid down for this work are thoroughly understood and mastered, ever remembering that practice in this manner—that is, according to different measurements—leads to perfection.