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Spencer System 1952

CHAPTER 1: General information
CHAPTER 2: Description of posture and of figure [1/3mb]
CHAPTER 3: The control support [1mb]
CHAPTER 4: Breast control support [1mb]
CHAPTER 5: To outline and measure for breast support [2mb]
CHAPTER 6: To outline and measure for body support [2mb]
CHAPTER 7: Description of supports [1mb]
CHAPTER 8: Description of spencer breast supports [1/2mb]
CHAPTER 9: Description of supports for men [1/2mb]
CHAPTER 10: Children's supports
CHAPTER 11: Anatomy [1/2mb]
CHAPTER 12: Physical conditions which are relieved by spencer supports
CHAPTER 13: Pads
CHAPTER 14: Special Items [1/2mb]
CHAPTER 15: Types of fastning
CHAPTER 16: How to lace supports
CHAPTER 17: Orthopædic supports and accessories [1mb]
CHAPTER 18: Additional measuring instructions [1/2mb]
CHAPTER 19: Redesigning and repairs