System of Proportions Index


The System of Proportions is divided into two different classes which are known as height and width proportions. Each one of these branches is explained in the following pages.

In order to better understand the usefulness of proportionate measurements, it should be understood that certain measurements are being used for Corsetry that are the outgrowth of height proportions and some measurements are the out-growth of width proportions. The under arm length, which is a very important measurement, must be understood as an out-growth of height proportions. It is likewise with the various length of girdles and corsets which are measured from the natural waist downward and which will be fully explained in the following pages under the heading of System of Height Proportions.

The System of Width Proportions brings to us the necessary width measurements which are breast, bust, waist and hip, as illustrated on the diagram. Inasmuch as these measurements are of more direct importance, I shall explain the correct way of taking these measurements. The breast measurement, which gives the size of the garment, shall be taken straight from the under arm, across the back and upwards in front, as shown on the diagram at No. l. The bust measurement is taken the same way under the under arm, all about the back and over the fullest part of the bust, as illustrated at No. 2. The waist measurement is taken all around the waist as shown at No. 3.

It is very important to take two hip measurements; one six inches below the waist line all around the body as shown at No. 4 ; the second, nine inches below waist line all around the body as shown at No. 5. Remember that all measurements shall be taken snugly, especially the waist measurement.