The System of Width Proportions, as partly explained in the previous pages, is a method which guides us to all width proportions which we call breast, bust, waist and hip measurements. It shall be understood that the System of Width Proportions is a specula tive branch of proportions because width proportions are guided by style, for which reason our Practical Adviser of Proportions is regularly revised and published every year, which is the only guide to the trade, and issued free to our book owners and pupils.

As the System of Width Proportions is a speculative branch of proportions, it is necessary to know the standard width proportions and the stylish method of width proportions. For a basic foundation we shall now refer to the system of standard width proportions which is as follows:

We shall take size 36 for the basic model, which shall guide us throughout the entire book, for standard width proportions. Size 36 shall give us a bust measurement of a woman by adding 3 inches to 36 inches, making 39 inches for standard bust measurement. The standard waist measurement shall be produced by deducting 1 inch from 113 of 36 inches, leaving 11 inches. Deduct 11 inches from 36 inches leaving 25 inches far waist measurement. The standard hip measurement shall be determined by taking ½ of 36 inches, which is 18 inches, to be added to the 25 inch waist measurement, making 43 inches for the standard hip measurement for size 36.

Thus, it is clear that the standard measurements for a size 36 woman are bust 39 inches; waist 25 inches and hip, 6 inches below waist line, 43 inches; let us now compare the stylish measurements of today to the standard measurements and we shall see the rea son why knowledge of standard proportions is required. Let us place the stylish measurements next to the standard measurements of the same size: Bust, 40 inches; waist, 28 inches and hip, 40 inches. The reason for this comparison is to teach us that, according to modern measurements, the difference between standard and stylish proportions is as follows: The bust measurement is 1 inch larger from the standard to the stylish measurements, the waist measurement is 3 inches larger and the hip measurement is 3 inches smaller. It shall be understood that the hip is measured 6 inches below the waist line and the second hip measurement is measured 9 inches below the waist line.