In order to complete the corselette foundation or scanty pattern follow the previous lesson which is the foundation outline for this garment and continue as follows:

Lower the back from 1 to 2 and 3 to 4, 3 inches, and draw a line from 2 to 22 out to 4. Raise the front from 3 to 5 and 6 to 7, 1 inch, and then curve at the top of the front from 6 to 20 and from 20 down to 4, as shown on diagram.

Now make hip curves from 15 to 16, front hip, and from 13 to 17, back hip, and continue the curve from 17 to 19 by adding from 10 to 19, ½ inch, and also curve from 16 to 18 and increase the space from 11 to 18 with ½ inch. Then fill in the breaks at the waist line at 13 and 15, as shown on diagram. If a front gore insert is desired, measure from 24 up to 26, 4 inches, for the shortest gore set opening. Otherwise, the amount can be raised from 5 or 6 inches. Measure from 24 to 25, ½ inches, and connect 25 to 26, as shown on diagram. This completes the foundation pattern which may be used as the basic pattern for all styles of corselettes or for 1 piece garments that may be used of elastic material. Note that this garment has all necessary seams allowed and if this garment is desired to be made of elastic material, the pattern should be cut 1 size smaller.

To cut out front and back patterns, cut out the back pattern as follows: Cut from 21 to 22, 22 to 13, 17 down to 19. Then cut from 21 down to 23 and from 23 across. to 19. As the front and back draft of this pattern lap over each other below the hip, trace back pattern as outlined before and trace or cut out front as follows: Cut from 4 to 20 down to 6, from 6 to 26, 26 to 25 and 25 to 18. Then continue from 4 to 15, 15 to 16 and 16 down to 18. If the center front of this pattern is desired without seams, deduct 3/8 inch from 6 down to 26, as illustrated with dotted lines on diagram.

Corselette Foundation and Scanty Pattern