Now continue the previous lesson to complete the corselette as follows: Measure from 11 to 12 and 13 to 14 ¾ inch and connect the line from 12 to 14. Take out at waist line and side seams from 17 to 18, ¾ inch, and connect 18 to 12. From 15 to 16, take out 1 inch, and connect 16 to 11. Connect thefront hip line from 16 to 20 and side hip line from 18 to 19. Fill in the curve at 16 and 18, as shown on diagram, and, at the same time, curve hips from 16 to 20 and 18 to 19, as shown on diagram, down to the bottom to 13 and 14. Raise up 1 inch at top of front from 11 to 23 and 24 to 26.

Then measure for front dart and bust effect from 26 to 25 and from 27 to 28, 1/8 of size 36 or 4½ inches, and connect line from 25 to 28. From 29 to 30 is 1½ inches for long waist line and connect 16 to 30. 31 is long waist line at the front dart line. Divide between 31 and 25 for height of bust, which makes 34. Take out at the long waist line from 31 to 32, ½ inch, and from 31 to 33, 1½ inches, and connect 34 to 32 and from 32 down to 35. From 28 to 35 is ½ inch. Then connect a line from 33 to 34 and continue with curve from 34 to 25, as shown on diagram.

Now square a line from 32 towards 33, as shown on diagram, and square a line from 33 to 36 at the bottom. Add a slight curve, as shown on diagram, for center front section from 25 to 34 and continue curving down to 32 and 35. Now curve the top of front from 24 to 25 and 25 down to 22, as shown on diagram. To make front gore insert follow instructions of foundation garment. Note that this garment has all necessary seams allowed.

To cut out this pattern, trace all parts off on a separate sheet of paper to separate sections correctly. If no seam is desired at center back follow the dotted straight line at the inside from 1 to 4, as shown on diagram. Note that the amount increasing at the waist line at 2 is decreased at dotted line from 5 to 6 down to the bottom at 7, which changes the center back section to a no seam back at the center back. If no seam is desired at center front, deduct 3/8 inch as illustrated with dotted line.

If inner section of front part is desired in 2 sections for elastic section, do as follows: Measure from 22 to 39 and from 13 to 40, 3 inches, and draw a straight line down from 39 to 41 and 40. Take out at waist line from 41 to 42, ½ inch, as illustrated by dotted lines from 42 up to 39 and from 42 down to second hip line. Now increase with ½ inch at the waist line of the inner section from 16 to 15 as indicated by dotted line and connect 15 to 22 and from 15 down to the hip, curve as shown on diagram, and allow 3/8 inch each side for this seam.

Complete Corselette Pattern or Eight Section Corselette