A simplified method of copying styles is of great importance as it is a great time and money saver in every way. The modern way of copying styles is simple and clear. Today's styles require the knowledge of making perfect fitting patterns for each and every branch of the corset industry. It shall, therefore, be understood that the person who is interested in the production of girdles shall fit out a girdle foundation pattern on the form or live model and use such foundation pattern for all styles concerning girdles. Persons who are interested in producing the various stylish patterns of corsets shall fit out a corset foundation pattern consisting of as few parts as possible and, if possible, only a front and back, and then use-such pattern for the various changes of styles of corsets. The person who is interested in producing stylish patterns for corselettes shall fit out a most simple pattern of the least possible parts and use such pattern for the various styles of corselettes. However, if the corselette style happens to be of the simple front and back type. or scanty or foundation style, the foundation pattern of front and back shall be fitted out on a form and used for such styles. It is likewise with the brassieres and bandeaux.

Foundation patterns for all those mentioned above are given with careful and simplified instructions to obtain patterns without any hesitation whatsoever. The author highly recommends that these various foundation drafts that are given in these pages be carefully stud ied from time to time because through the knowledge of obtaining perfect fitting foundation patterns the copying of styles is simplified in every way.

It is advisable that these foundation patterns for copying styles shall be made in the model size that is required for making up sample garments and then, when perfected, they shall be graded to the various sizes required for manufacturing.

To those who wish to design patterns for individual use, foundation patterns shall be made according to individual special measurements that will be required from time to time. Fo rthe various types of garments we wish to design patterns, it is very important to re member that when additional seams are called for in the many cases of producing styles, it shall be remembered that such seam allowances shall be made in the exact place where pattern is slashed according to style requirements.