Corset Patents

Many women have a problem, by speech to large meeting. This problem is a serious democratically problem. I know as a corset can improve the self-confidence. So if you can make corset which particularly improve self-confidence of woman, you can solve the democratically problem.

  The idea with these pages, are make a collection of the old corset pattern, from the patents.
  But the great part of corset patents are detailed particulars, in the borders of the absurdity. And many patents are replaced by better patents. A better idea is list of problems by corsetry and the list of solutions of every problem. This idea is fine but impossible. This page only can been a start.

Problems by corsetry


All else

Pneumograph 1905.
How to be beautiful. 1889.
The corset, questions of pressure and displacement 1887
Tight-Lacing. (The Lancet May 28, 1881 page 877.)
Tight-Lacing. (The_Lancet June 4, 1881 page 939 )
Talks upon practical subjects: Clothing
Sådan kan det gå. (in Danish) 1898
Modens Skønhedsideal.
Textilbogen 1946 (in Danish)
Textilbogen 1961 (in Danish)
Dress and toilet (c. 1886)
Harriet Hubbard Ayer's Book [1899 or 1902]
Beauty: its attainment and preservation [1896]
The Powder-puff, A Ladies' Breviary
The Psychology of the Corset
Die kultur des Weiblichen Korpers als grundlage der Frauenkleidung
Kvindelegemet og Korsettet
Ich kann schneidern 456-458 1908
A Doll Corset.
Your lines. Spirella consumers manual from 1913
Corset and Close-Fitting Patterns
Tight Linings and Boning
Le Livret De La Corsetiere
The Practical Corsetiere
Stays and Gloves
Spencer System of Corsetry [1936]
Korsettet 1943
Corset; Helena Warren 1949 note: 500KB
Corset fitting in the retail store
The Spencer System 1952
Theatrial Corset from Fine Craft
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any by this pages and sketchs, but a hope by better corset.