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Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 126,079, dated April 23, 1872.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, SOLOMON OTTENHEIMER, of the city and State of New York, have invented an Improvement in Corsets; and the following is declared to be a correct descrip- tion of the same.

Corsets have been made with a seam around the waist, the upper and lower sections being cut out to the proper shape from woven material. This seam has been covered with a band or belt. In other instances the corset has been made of three sections, the two seams extending entirely around the corset. In these cases the front portion of the corset is made of a portion of the woven fabric where the warp and weft threads ran more or less diagonally; hence the same is liable to stretch and lose its proper shape at the very portions where the closest fit and greatest support are, required.

My invention consists in a corset made with three sections in each half of the corset, the front section extending from the top to the bottom and being cut with the warp or weft running parallel, or nearly so, to the front vertical edge, so as not to be drawn out of shape by the strain to which they are subjected. The other two pieces or sections are cut of such a shape that, when united by a seam at the waist and to the front section, they form the half corset.

In the drawing, Figure 1 is a perspective view, illustrating the improved corset. Fig. 2 is the front section. Fig. 3 is the upper and Fig. 4 the lower side sections of the corset.

The front section a is made of the shape shown in Fig. 2, with the warp or weft parallel, or nearly so, with the vertical edge 1 2; and, into this edge the ribs or springs are introduced, and also the hooks or catches. The section b is shown in Fig. 3, and the edge 3 4 is unit to the edge 5 6 of the section a, and the edge 7 4 of the section b is united to the edge 5 9 of the section c, and the edge 9 10 of c is united, at 6 11, to a. The seam 7 4 5 9 is at or near the waist of the person, and the back edges 12 5 7 13 of the sections b c are to be provided with the eyelets for the lace, as usual. A gore or gores may be inserted at the breast, as at f.

I claim as my invention--

The corset made of the sections a b c, united together, as shown, so that the section a, extending from top to bottom at the front, is united at its edge to the section b c, and they are united by a seam at the waist, as specified.

Signed by me this 13th day of February, A. D. 1872.