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Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 39,909. dated September 15, 1863.
To all whom it may concern:
  Be it known that I, LAVINIA H. FOY, of
the city and county of Worcester, and State
of Massachusetts, have invented certain new
and useful Improvements in Corsets; and I
do hereby declare that the following is a full,
clear, and exact description of the same,
reference being had to the accompanying
drawings, forming a part of this specification,
and in which­--
  Figure 1 represents a front view of my im­
proved corset, and figures marked No. 1, No.
2, No. 3, No. 4, and No. 5 represent the sep­
arate pieces from which the corset (shown in
Fig. l) is made.
  To produce a correctly-formed corset that
would fit gracefully, and which could be worn
with ease, while at the same time the expense
of manufacture was lessened, was the object
in view in making this invention.
  By reference to the drawings it will be seen
that the parts numberect from 1 to 5, inclu-
sive, when sewed together, form one side of
the corset. and as both sides are alike, the
same patterns answer to cut the material for
both sides. Again, all of the seams are reg­
ular-that is, no gathering is required in sew-
ing them up.   For instauce. if No. 2 is turued
over on top of No. 1, then the edges a a will
match, and if the piece No. 3 is turned over
on top of No. 2, the edges b b will match, and
in like manner will the edges c c and d d, and
when the several parts are sewed together,
which can be done by machinery, and with
great ease and dispatch, owing to the regu­
larity and correspondence of the edges, as
above noticed, a form is produced which fits
very gracefully the form of the wearer. It
will be noticed that the enlarged tops of Nos.
1, 2, and 3 give the proper and necessary full-
ness for the bosom, while the enlarged bot­
toms of Nos. 3 and 4 produce the required
form to fit over the hips; and the tops of Nos.
5 and 4 are such as to render the fit under the
arm and upon the shoulder-blade both neat
and easy--the centers of all the pieces, when
combined, produciug a gradual and suitable
contraction to fit the waist. The corset is
fastened in front by metal clasps A A A, (con­
nected with the metal Springs in the usual
manner,) and laced up the back, as seen at B.
  From the foregoing description it will be
seen that corsets can be manufactured, accorcl­
ing to my invention, from cloth woven in the
ordinary looms and manner, and yet afforded
at a price as law if not lower than the im­
ported woven corset, while the quality of the
former far exceeds the latter, aud the form is,
if any thing, more perfect, since the reqnired
fullness is thrown into the exact place re­
quired, thus obviating all straiuing or twist­
ing of one part to conform to the pressure or
strain on another part. Rattan and whale-
bone strips can be inserted in the usual man­
ner and in such numbers as may be desired.
It will be further observed that uo small gores
are required to be mserted in my corset, as is
the case with the common corset, and hence
the trouble and delay in sewing in and around
the sharp points of snch gores are wholly ob­
  Having described my improved corset, what
I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Pat­
ent, is­--
  Forming the corset from the peculiarshaped
pieces Nos. 1, 2, 3,,4, and 5, substantially as
shown and described.
                          LAVINIA. H. FOY.

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