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Shoulder Brace.
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Letters Patent No. 61,825, dated February 5, 1867.


The Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent and making Part d the Same.


Be it known that I, CATHRINE ALLSOP GRISWOLD, of Willimantic; in the county of Windham, and State of Connecticut, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Devices for Beeping the Body Erect and Expanding the Lung, and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, making part of this specification, and to. the letters of reference marked thereon, like letters indicating like parts wherever they occur.

To enable others skilled in the art to construct and use my invention, J will proceed to describe it.

My invention consists in a novel, method of constructing an apparatus to be worn on the body, for the purpose of expanding the chest and keeping the person erect.

Figure 1 is a rear view; and

Figure 2, a front view of the device applied to the body as it is intended to be worn.

I construct. two thin flexible metal strips, as represented by A, of fig. 1, to be applied vertically to the back as represented.   The uppers portion of these strips A extend upward and outward, and, passing over the shoulder, continue around in front of the arm as shown by B, in fig. 1, and passing thence under the arm, are united to the sirips A at the point b of said figure.   It will be seen that each of the frames or strips A, with the part B in front of the arm, are thus formed into one continuous piece, constituting a brace or support for the back, and a. band for encircling the shoulder or arm above the shoulder joint.   It will of course be understood that the portion which thus encircles the shoulder will be so formed as to adapt itself to and lie flat and smooth upon the body.   These metallic frames are then covered with cloth or other suitable material, and along the vertical portion on the back are pierced with a series of holes or eyelets to, receive a cord for lacing or adjusting them to suit the wearer, as represented in fig. 1.   A strap or belt C is attached on each side, as shown in fig. 1, in proper position and of suitable length to reach around the waist, and unite in front by a buckle, as shown in fig. 2.   Another stop D is attached to the front of the arm-loops B, and arranged to be united by a buckle, as shown in fig: 2.   The metallic strips or frame A must be made of steel or other flexible material, so that they will bend to permit of the necessary movements of the body, and yet resume their original form when relieved of strain: The, band B, which encircles the arm, should be of such a length as to form an opening or. arm-hole of sufficient size to permit it to come well up on the shoulder and around in front, above the shoulder joint, so as not in any way to interfere with or restrict the movements of the arm.   The strap D should also be applied high up on the chest, so as not to press upon the lungs, or in any way interfere with their free and full expansion.   It will thus be seen that by this method of constructing the apparatus, I avoid the objectionable features so common in shoulder-braces as usually constructed, in asmueh as there is no tendency in this to restrict the movements of the arms or the muscles -ached thereto, and the disagreeable cutting under the arm caused by the straps of the ordinary shoulder-brace is entirely obviated.   The strips A being curved inward on the back to suit the natural contour of the body, also tend to draw the shoulders and upper portion of the chest back, thereby causing the person to keep the chest erect, and thus prevent their becoming round-shouldered or assuming a bent or stooping posture; and thereby, also, tending to expand the lungs and secure a more copious and perfect inhalation of air.   By these means the vital force is increased, the health preserved, and disease prevented; especially of the lungs.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim, is--

The body supporter, consisting of the strips A, extending around the shoulders, and provided with the straps C and D, and the cord a, ah arranged for joint action substantially as herein shown and described.


      EDM. F. BROWN,
      P. T. DODGE.