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No. 799,440. Specification of Letters Patent. Application filed July 7, 1904.   Serial No. 215,635 Patented Sept. 12, 1905.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, LILLIAN S. BIGGAR, a citizen of the United States, residing at Atlanta, in the county of Fulton and State of Georgia, have invented new and useful Improvements in Waists, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to improvements in corset-waists with elastic hip portions of special arrangement with regard to the human anatomy to give ease of movement of the various organs and at the same time permit of preserving and developing the form of the wearer.

A further object of the invention is to provide in a corset-waist elastic portions in combination with elastic strings adapted to be adjusted to make a neat and attractive figure, according to the size and condition of the wearer. The strings are particularly advantageous when the corset is worn by girls of tender years or, in other words, "beginners," as it allows of ready adjustment for comfort and ease, and even though the waist be loose the body is protected against the skirt-band and the form is developed.

By placing the hip portions in the corsetwaist, as herein indicated, the waist being elastic like the skin and muscles, prevents the muscles from becoming weakened from disuse, and hence health and form are preserved and at. the same time the wearer enjoys all the advantages incident to the wearing of corsets. A further object of the invention is to provide straps to support the abdomen and an auxiliary support to be used in combination with the straps, either of which may be employed independently or both together, according to the condition and size of the wearer. Many other objects and advantages will be hereinafter referred to and be particularly pointed out in the claims.

In the drawings, Fugure 1 is a side elevation of a corset-waist made in accordance with my invention.   Fig. 2 is a front elevation of the same.   Fig. 3 is a front view of the corset-waist open.   Fig. 4 is a side elevation of a modification of my invention. Fig. 5 is a detail rear elevation showing a modified means of connecting the corset at the rear.

1 and 2 represent the members of my improved corset-waist, laced in the front and rear by elastic laces 3 and 4, engaging eyes or hooks 3a and 4a.   As each member is substantially alike I will describe but one. The central part 6 of the member extends downwardly to approximately a point, and the front and rear parts 7 and 8 are also extended, but spaced from the part 6.   This spacing forms a gore in which is inserted the front and rear elastic hip portions 9 and 10.   The lower edges of the hip portions are cut upwardly to fit the outline of the hips and the abdomen, while the part 6 is extended to fit well over the hip.   The elastic portions are reinforced where they are stitched to the waist by a rein-forcing-strip 11, and it is at this strip that the elastics are sewed. The elastic is cut on a bias, which gives an upward pressure at the lower part of a prominent abdomen. The points of the hip portions extend upbout half way up the waist past the waist-line, which permits the muscles of the abdomen to be free while a person is standing or sitting.   The tension of the elastic portion is such that while the organs are free to perform their natural functions the figure is maintained.   This is true because the corset-waists yields and does not bind the muscles.

Following the front edge of the elastic portion 9 and extending up the rear and top of the member is a bracing-strap 13, which serves to strengthen the waist, and it tends to maintain the shape of the garment.   To the lower ends of these straps are attached tabs 14, provided with suitable eyelets, to which may be secured an auxiliary abdominal support or garters.   Shoulder-straps 15 have one end continued from the straps 13 and their other ends fastened to the top of the adjacent waist member.   The shoulder-braces are crossed and cause the waist to set nicely and give ease and comfort to the wearer.   They absolutely prevent the waist dropping, and when the wearer bends over the elastic gives sufficiently to prevent the binding of the muscles.   These straps support the clothing without pressing or flattening the bust and may be adjusted to suit the wearer.   An elastic support 17 is fastened to the rear of the front elastic portion 9 and is passed under a keeper 18.   The supporting - strap extends downwardly to form a support for the lower portion of the abdomen.   The strap of one member is provided with a buckle 19, while the on strap on the other member is designed to engage the buckle and form a seat or pocket for the abdomen to rest in.

It frequently happens that women having unusually large abdomens require more than what may be termed an "ordinary" support, and to supplement this I have provided an auxiliary support 20.   This support consists of a piece of rubber tubing having one end tied to the tab 14 and its opposite end tied to a similar tab 21, located at the lower edge of the member between the side and rear.   Each member will have a section of tubing, and by tying it obviously adjustment and comfort can readily be obtained.   In and se the tubes are passed between the limbs and bear close relation to the pit of the abdomen in the front and fit nicely over the hips at the, rear. By making this support of rubber it prevents chafing and allows of it being cleaned.   Fur thermore, its yielding properties will Permit of free movement without binding when leaning over.   Such a support also prevents the waist working tip toward the shoulders, and this function, coup led with the shoulder-straps, insures the position of the waist maintaining its proper position on the wearer.

Under ordinary circumstances the supporting-straps 17 17 will be quite sufficient to support the abdomen; but in unusual case, both supports maybe required.   Then, again, there are certain kinds of ailments which would preclude using one or the other of the sup ports and where one would be superior to the other.   Under these conditions I would use either the straps 17 17 or the tubes, according to the circumstances.

A corset-waist constructed in accordance with my invention is extremely simple and possesses many pertinent advantages, paramount of which is that the stiffness incident to corsets now in use is dispensed with, which permits the muscles to perform their natural duty.   It is quite well known that when a fleshy person wearing stiff corsets sits down the viscera or contents of the body rise, Which makes the corset considerably tighter than when the person is in an erect position.   This has proven decidedly unhealthy in many cases, because of the crowded condition of the flesh the organs adjacent thereto were compressed, and hence prevented performing their natural duties, causing in many cases disease, death, and insanity.

My impoved corset-waist also possesses another important result in which it allows of natural respiration for the reason that the elastic portions and strings are located in each instance in line with the muscles an that the latter may not bebound.

The front of the corset-waist is shaped to conform to the outline of tile abdomen and does not touch the chest, and as the straps 17 17 are secured at a point higher up than where they are guided at their lowest position obviously the coret-waist may be adjusted to fit the abdomen nicely.   If the abdomen is abnormal the straps 17 can be let out and adjusted to fit when the corset-waist is put on, and as the hip portions are elastic and the strings also elastic the waist can befitted snugly to the person.

The pressure on the body by the use of my corset-waist is reduced to a minimum, and while this is true the figure and form of the wearer are not affected.   These essentials are active and healthy.

The straps 17, it will be note, are fastene at such a point that they extend across the front hip portion, which with said portion forms a double support for the abdomen.

In Fig. 3 I have shown a slight modification of my invention.   In this construction I dispense with the rear hip portion, which under certain conditions may be advantageous.

The shape of the front or the lower part of the members may be altered, if desired, but I prefer the outline as herein indicated.

In the modification shown in Fig. 5 the rear elastic lacing is dispensed with and a series of permanently-fixed elastic straps 28 are substituted.   By using the elastic strap it is unnessary to prove, te,oos and eyeets, so that the back presents a smooth surface when the corset is on the wearer.

What I claim as new is-

1. A corset-waist comprising a pair of members, each member provided with an elastic hip portion, elastic straps connected to each member above the bottom thereof approximately midway of the elastic hip portion, keepers at or near the lower front portion of the members and on a line below the securing-point of the strap , means fastening the straps together to form an additional support, and means elastically securing the members together.

2. A corset-waist comprising a pail, of members turned in at the lower front ends to form a pocket for the stomach, each member provided with an elastic hip portion, elastic straps connected to each member above the bottom thereof approximately midway of the elastic hip portions, keepers at or near the lower front portion of the members and on a line below the securing-point of the strap, means fastening the straps together to for an additional support and to press the turned-in lower front ends, and means securing the members together.

3. A corset comprising a pair of members, each mernber provided with, an elastic hip portion, elastic lacings connecting the front of the members, elastic lacing connecting the members at the rear, and a pair of elastic shoulder-straps, each strap having its opposite ends fastened to the. two members.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 10th day of May, 1904.