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999,388.   Specification of Letters Patent.   Patented Aug. 1, 1911.
Application filed September 8, 1910. Serial No. 580,985.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, DAVID McCULLOUGH, a citizen of the United States, residing at West New Brighton, in the county of Richmond and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Bathing-Corsets; and I do declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

This invention relates to improvements in bathing corsets.

One object of the invention is to provide a corset of this character which may be quickly put on and adjusted and which will give perfect ease and comfort to the body and at the same time perform all the ordinary functions of a corset.

Another object is to provide a one piece bathing corset which is so arranged that a direct pull may be had from the back of the waist line from four different points from back to front thus insuring a perfect support for the spine and at the same time producing an enduring shape.

A further object is to provide a corset having means for relieving and preventing pressure on the stomach and having attached thereto hose supporters which are arranged in such manner that the pull of the same will aid in maintaining the shape of the corset and removing the pressure.

Still another object is to construct a corset in such manner that the same will give perfect freedom at the top and bottom, the same being constructed so as to give or relax with every movement or motion of the body.

With these and other objects in view, the invention consists of certain novel features of construction, combination and arrangement of parts as will be more fully described and particularly pointed out in the appended claim.

In the accompanying drawings: Figure 1 is a front perspective view of a corset constructed in accordance with the invention; Fig. 2 is a rear perspective view of the same; and, Fig. 3 is an inside plan view of the corset with parts broken away.

Referring more particularly to the drawings, 1 denotes the body portion of the corset which is constructed of a series of sections 2 stitched together to form the corset. Each of the sections 2 is cut in such manner that the upper and lower ends thereof are of greater w width than the intermediate portions whereby a fullness is provided at the upper and lower edges of the corset at intervals on the inner side of the body portion 1 at the points where the edges of the sections 2 are joined and at such other points between the joined edges of the sections as may be desired, are stitched a series of casings 3 in which are arranged the stays or steels 4 which form the support for the corset.   At the opposite ends of the body portion are arranged three casings which serve to reinforce and strengthen said ends when a pull is made in securing the corset to the body of the wearer, while on the body portion intermediate of the ends the casings are preferably arranged in pairs. At the center of the body portion of the part thereof which covers the stomach and abdomen of the wearer are arranged two casings 5 which are proferably of greater width than the casings 3 and contain stays or steels 6 which are of greater width and somewhat stiffer than the stays in the casings 3 which gives strength to the central portion of the corset when the wearer bends over in a stooping position.   The stays 6 are provided and arranged in the manner described to form a protection for and to prevent any uncomfortable or injurious pressure on the stomach.

Arranged on the inner side of the corset opposite the narrowest portions of the sections 2 is a reinforcing strap or tape 7 which passes between the casings and the inner sides of the corset and is stitched to the latter at the paints where the casings cross the strap: Secured to one end of the body portion 1 of the corset adjacent to its upper and lower edges are inclined attaching straps 8, the outer ends of which are stitched together and to an adjusting strap 9. Between the inner ends of the straps 8 is formed a triangularly shaped passage through which is adapted to be inserted the adjusting strap 10 and fastening piece 11 of the opposite end of the corset. The piece 11 is of substantially triangular shape thus permitting the outer end thereof to be drawn freely through the triangular opening between the attaching straps 8 of the opposite end of the corset when the latter is applied and the straps brought around from the back to the front for the purpose of securing the corset to the body. The adjusting straps 9 and 10 are provided with a buckle 11 or any other suitable means for adjustably securing the ends of the straps together when brought around the body. By arranging the attaching straps 8 and the attaching piece 11 as herein shown and described the tension will be from the four corners of the back of the corset to the central portion of the front of the same. Attached to the lower edge of the front side of the corset and an opposite sides of the center thereof are elastic hose supporters 12 provided with suitable hose connecting devices as shown. The hose supporters when attached as here shown will pull from two different points thus aiding in maintaining the shape of the corsets and removing the pressure.

It will be noted that the central stays 6 terminate some little distance above the lower front edge of the corset and the corset is cut away as at 15 in U-form below the stays 6, to prevent pressure on the stomach when a stooping position is assumed by the wearer. The intermediate stays 4 gradually increase in length from the central stays toward the end stays, the latter being extended almost the entire width of the corset. It will thus be seen that in terminating the stays in the manner described that a short skirt or section of the corset is formed without stays, said section being engaged with the lower portion of the abdomen and with the hips which will permit a free movement of these parts but will serve to a certain extent for bracing and protecting these parts without interfering with the freedom of movement thereof.

In a corset constructed in accordance with my invention the necessity of a lacing is entirely dispensed with and the adjustment of the corsets more readily and quickly obtained by means of the improved fastening and adjusting devices arranged on the opposite ends of the corsets and operated as herein shown and described.

A corset constructed in accordance with my invention may be worn at any time, but is especially intended for use for bathing and athletic or gymnastic purposes in which uses the same will be found to serve all the ordinary functions of a corset and at the same time will permit the greatest freedom of movement to the various parts of the body.

From the foregoing description taken in connection with the accompanying drawings, the construction and operation of the invention will be readily understood without requiring a more extended explanation.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim is:

A bathing corset comprising a one part body portion constructed of a series of sections stitched together and having their upper and lower portions made of a width greater than their intermediate portions so as to present a fullness at the upper and lower edges of the corset, a plurality of stay casings grouped together and secured to the outer opposite ends of the corset, stay casings arranged in pairs intermediate those on said ends and the central portion of the body of the corset the central portion of the corset being provided with a pair of stay casings of greater width and less length than the intermediate or end casings, one of the ends of the corset having strips secured adjacent the upper and lower portions thereof, the outer ends of the strips being secured together so as to provide a triangular shaped opening therebetween, said secured ends of the strips having a supplementary strap secured thereto with a buckle thereon, the opposite end of the corset having a triangular shaped member secured approximately the entire length of said end and provided with a central adjusting strap, said corset having an incut at the lower terminals of the central stay casings, and a reinforcing strap arranged on the inner side of the corset and extending entirely across the same.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand in presence of two subscribing witnesses.
                DAVID McCULLOUGH.
            KISPERTY, HUGH MORGAN, Jr.