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THIS practical and authoritative handbook, which is sponsored by the Corset Guild of Great Britain, provides the corset fitter and saleswoman with expert guidance based on years of study and research. The various types of corset and brassiere are fully described and illustrated, and measuring and fitting for the basic figure types are dealt with in detail. Among other aspects of corsetry included in this comprehensive treatment of the subject are the history of corsets, anatomy, surgical corsetry, maternity corsets and brassieres, corset materials, washing corsets, keeping records and stock, salesmanship, and the approach to the customer.

Helen Oliphant, President of the Corset Guild of Great Britain, says in her Preface to the book–

"The result, there can be no doubt, will he to raise the whole standard of corset service in the retail trade and bring benefit not only to the corset industry in general, but to all the millions of women who depend upon its services."