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6777. Hubbard, W., and Reast, F. May 7.

Corsets ; braces ; belts.--.Relates more especially to men's corsets, such as are described in Specifica- tion No. 9368, A.D. 1887. The stays or corsets are provided with buttonholed tabs, or their equiva- lents, to serve as substitutes for braces, and with pads for protecting certain parts of the body. The Figure shows a view of the stays opened out. A, Al are parts f forming the body of the stays, with prolongations a, a' which form a girth and are fastened by means of buckles. c, c, c1, c1, c1, c1, are tabs fastened to the body of the stays or its prolongations, and are attached to buttons, hooks, or eyelet holes on the trousers. D, D are stiffening -blades at the back of the corsets. Pockets f, f, formed in one with the corsets, serve to protect the kidneys, and may contain medicative materials, or be provided with a galvanic battery. These pockets may be applied to women's corsets. An abdomen protector B may be combined with the girth.