Indorsed by all Leading Physicians.

To REMOVE TAN AND SUNBURN.--10 grains Borax, 2 oz. Lime Water, I oz, Oil of jasmine, I oz. Oil of Almond. CURE FOR SALLOWNESS.--Plenty of bathing, coarse bread, open air, sunshine.

ROUGHNESS OF THE SKIN.--1 oz. Spermaceti, I oz. White Wax, I oz. Oil of Sweet Almond, I oz, Oil of Olives, 1 oz. Oil of Poppies. Melt together and beat until cold and creamy.

HONEY PASTE.--1 OZ. Spermaceti, I oz, White Wax, I oz. Olive Oil, z tablespoonful Honey. Melted and beaten to a cream.

GLYCERINE LOTION(" PEARL OF BEAUTY ").-3 oz. Rose Water, I oz. Glycerine, 10 drops Carbolic Acid. A few drops in the palms of the hands rubbed over face, neck and hands in bathing just before using towel.

BENZOINE WASH.--1 tablespoonful Tincture Benzoine, 3 oz. Rose Water.   To prevent sunburn, sponge off the .   face with it after being exposed, and before any water is

used.   It is said to prevent wrinkles, and has a tendency to bring the blood to the surface and impart a freshness to the lips and complexion,

A PASTE FOR REMOVING WRINKLES.--The White of I Egg, I tablespoonful of Honey, enough Ground Barley to make paste.   Apply at night.   Use mask.

ANOTHER,--!I OZ. Woolfat, I oz. White Wax, I oz. Sperm aceti, r oz. Olive Oil, 1/4 oz. Camphor Gum. Dissolve

Camphor in Oil and add other ingredients.   Heat enough

to dissolve only.   Beat until cold.

FOR PIMPLES.--Any of the cream given will cure severe cases of surface pimples. The following is considered by many to be excellent for removing eruptions, though I have no personal knowledge of it : 1 x oz, Sweet Almonds, q drachms Bitter Almonds, 10 fluid ounces Cherry Brandy, add 6 grains Corrosive Sublimate, 6 drachms Tincture Benzoine, q drachms Lemon Juice.   Shake well before using, and apply with sponge.   A lady tells me she removed freckles of years' standing, and certainly has an exquisite complexion now.

QUINCE SEED LOTION.--1 oz. Quince Seed, z oz. Alcohol, 4 oz. Rose Water, Juice of z Lemons (strained).   Will re move tan and freckles.   If too powerful, add Rose Water. ANOTHER FRECKLE LOTION.--1 oz, Honey, x pint Warm Water,

ALSO EXCELLENT.--3 oz. Barley Water, g oz, Distilled Water of Bean Flowers, 3 oz. Spirits of Wine.   Mix, and wash the face three times daily.   Barley Water is made by boiling barley meal in water, about the same proportions as oat meal water, g oz, to a pint of water.   Boil fifteen minutes.

CUCUMBER COLD CREAM.--1 oz. Almond Oil, z oz. Green Oil, z oz. Juice of Cucumbers, z oz. White Wax, z oz. Spermaceti, z oz. Essence of Cucumbers. Is fine for whitening the skin,

HAIR TONIC.--1 pint High Wine (Alcohol in its natural state, before it is distilled), x quart Water, x oz. Bear's Oil. Will prevent the hair falling out, and restore it to its nat ural luxuriance.

LEMON HAIR WASH.--1 oz. Salts of Tartar, x quart Water, Juice of 3 Lemons.   An unequaled wash in bringing out the brightest hues and tints of the hair.   The lemon juice cuts the alkali and makes an oil of it, while it retains its cleansing qualities.   It is an elegant wash for blonde hair.

1 oz. Benzoated Lard, 1/2 oz. Almond Oil. Perfumed with Juckey Club and oil of orange makes a simple cream, and will cure severe cases of pimples.