Lung Expanders

Lung Expander is a shoulder brace by stomach strap, as raise the chest. The chest is built as lungs been expanded by pregnancy. I You have need for better breathing in corset, unse a lung expander of a practicable Lung Expander. It also work on man, but the ribs are stiffly. The chest can also been raised of the corset, but it have problem by start becorse the ribs are naturally curved down.

a Lung Expanders expand the lungs and expanded lungs is very important for corset users because the corset block the breathing in abdomen.

Normally Lung Expander is on the outside of corset, but it can also been inside or replace the normally corset.

A problem by corset as Lung Expander, is the stick up shoulder. Because the shoulder go up when the chest been raised, if the corset has not shoulder straps or a lung expander.

I think this corset is the best Lung Expander: 481,294


List of Lung/Chest Expanders

    3,795 Shoulder Brace.
    7,627 Stay
   52,400 Shoulder Brace.  
   61,825 Shoulder Brace.
  116,585 Corset
  146,879 Lung-Protectors.
  151,902 Shoulder Brace. On the outside of corset.
  154,687 Shoulder-straps
  156,278 corset
  173,611 Bust-supporters
   219,011 Brace.
  224,899 Shoulder Brace.
Combined Corset and Shoulder Brace  226,885 Combined Corset and Shoulder Brace.
228,238 Shoulder-brace
  232,162 Combined stay and Shoulder Brace.
  236,718 Shoulder Brace.
  270,739 Corset
Corset. 274,387 Corset.
  281,659 Corset  281,659
  432,363 Shoulder Brace corset
Chest Expanding Corset.  GB  18821394 Chest Expanding Corset. 1882
  GB  1912-07474 Mens corset
Body Brace  398,511 Body Brace. 1889
Shoulder Brace corset  433,095 Shoulder Brace corset 1890 
 GB1890 16212 Mens corset
  468,425 Shoulder Brace.
  472,086 Shoulder Brace
  514,834 Shoulder Brace
  525,597 Shoulder Brace
  690,096 Shoulder Brace.
Shoulder Brace  780,831 Shoulder Brace. 1905
  799,440 Waist 1904
  903,073 Shoulder Brace.
  945,139 Shoulder Brace.
  945,200 Shoulder Brace.
  948,234 Body Brace.
Corset 1900
  965,886 Body conformer.
  996,343 Shoulder-Brace. On the outside of corset.
1,075,348 Body-Brace.
1,093,379 Shoulder Brace.
1,100,499 Shoulder Brace
1,117,746 Shoulder Brace. on the outside of corset.
1,137,541 Shoulder Brace.
1,312,744 Body conformer.
1,330,739 Shoulder Strap.
1,367,420 Shoulder Brace.
1,532,304 Body Brace.
Lung Expander. 1,587,716 Lung Expander. 1925.
Corset by Shoulder Brace.
14123 Republic France 14123
Chest-expanding Braces. GB1889003002 Chest-expanding Braces.
3,292,616 Posture Brace Garment
old Shoulder Brace The Shoulder Brace are important to shape the chest in the corset, not only correct of the shoulders. If the Shoulder Brace have a stomach belt or it is connected with the corset. The rise of the chest give better breathing. Images of Lung Expanders