We recognise three types of posture: the erect, the lordosis, and the fatigue postures.   A properly fitted Spencer garment will correct poor posture.

Posture is called erect or normal when a vertical line through the ear would pass through the hip bone, knee, and ankle bone. The curves at back above and below waist are normal.   The pelvic girdle is balanced perfectly, in a completely natural position. (Fig. 5.)   The organs are properly placed, breathing is natural, and the body poised gracefully.   Few people stand or sit in erect posture.

A person with lordosis posture has a deep curve in the back near the waistline.   (Fig. 6.)   There is always decided fullness back waist down, and usually fullness back waist up.

Fig. 4 Fig. 5

The pelvic girdle is tilted too far downward, and the contents of the abdominal cavity are thrown downward and forward, out of their normal position.   The shoulders sway backward to balance the body.   (Fig. 7.)   A large proportion of women are of the lordosis type.

Fig. 6 Fig. 7

A person with fatigue posture will have a flattened back line.   (Fig. 8.)   The back waist up is scant, and the back waist down is scant in the typical figure.   The pelvic girdle is tilted too far upward, crowding and displacing the abdominal organs.   (Fig. 9.)   The shoulders droop forward to balance the body.

Poor posture makes the figure look unlovely and old.   It destroys graceful carriage and good style, and also affects the health, because of the falling or crowding of the abdominal organs.

Fig. 8

Fig. 9


The relation of posture to the position of organs in the abdominal cavity has been studied by the aid of the fluoroscope--a machine, which with use of the X-ray, enables the doctor actually to see the position of the organs.

It has been found that when a person, who has been standing either in the fatigue or lordosis posture, stands in the erect posture, organs in the abdominal cavity are raised from one to three inches.   When a person lies flat on the back, the organs are elevated from one to four inches.

If, while standing in the erect posture, a person practices deep breathing and at the same time contracts the muscles of the abdomen, it has been found that organs in the abdominal cavity have been raised from one to five inches.   Deep breathing has little or no effect upon the position of the organs if posture is poor.

From the foregoing, it is seen that the nearer erect one stands, the less chance there is for the various forms of ptosis, spine, and lung troubles that quite often follow incorrect posture.

When our designers receive an order which shews that the client is either fatigue or lordosis type of posture (and 90% of women tend toward one of these two types) they know that we must bring correct pressure to bear on the parts of the body which are out of balance so as to restore it to normal.

When the abdomen is supported and the pelvic girdle and spine are properly balanced, the head and shoulders return to normal position.   The breathing is also much deeper and health and appearance are improved.

In order to correct posture, a garment should be properly designed, using individual measurements and descriptions of body.   It must also be carefully cut from excellent materials, so that it will not lose its shape ; and it must have sufficient boning to keep the cloth sections to the shape they are cut.   Spencer designers are trained in the basic principles of anatomy and design, and Spencer Corsets improve posture, and give grace and style.