Made in every variety of pattern to fit all figures ; tall, short, slender, stout, and with long, short, or medium waists.   They are called Coraline Corsets because they are boned with Coraline, a material which has been proven by fifteen years' experience to be superior in strength and elasticity to whalebone.

Your attention is called to the following facts:
  1. These corsets are fitted to living models.
  2. The right corset fits you as though made for you.
  3. You don't have to fit yourself to it, it fits you.
  4. A corset must fit or it will not wear.
  5. The fit of the corset gives style to the wearer. Fit costs no more than misfit.
  6. Prices from one to twelve dollars, but whatever the price the fit is the same.
  7. If these corsets did not fit and wear better
    than any others, the makers could not
    keep four million women wearing them,
    - four million honest witnesses.

Sold by every one who-sells corsets.

THE WARNER BROTHERS CO., New York and Chicago.
There isn't a woman or a child anywhere for whom we haven't a corset or waist adapted to her figure, with all the style and comfort of custom fit.--- The prices range from fifty cents for children's waists to twelve dollars for corsets, according to the amount of labor and value of materials --- the price has nothing to do with the fit-all fit. The corsets are put up under a variety of names, such as, Health ; Coraline ; Abdominal ; Nursing; 111 ; 222 ; 333; 444 ; 555 ; 666 ; 777 ; 888 ; 999 ; 000 ; AAA ; BBB ; DDD ; Misses ; Directoire ; Fanita ; etc., each representing a different shape and price. In addition to these names every corset is stamped with the words, "Dr. Warner's Coraline," and none are genuine without this stamp.--- Find the corset that is adapted to you --- then always order that style and number.--- Every corset has been accurately fitted to a living model of the exact form of the woman whom it is designed to fit.   We employ the most expert fitters, and spend thousands of dollars annually in corset perfecting.   The great popularity of our corsets is due to fit, to superior workmanship and material, and to the stiffening material, Coraline, which never breaks like horn or whalebone.   These features give the true secret of the success which has established our house as the largest corset makers in the world.