Perfection Waists

Some ladies like waists better than corsets, and for them we make a line of waists, and call them Perfection Waists, because "perfection" describes them.   They areas soft and pliable as a waist can be, and the buttons are attached to tapes which are securely fastened to the garment, to prevent tearing. The front, side, and back supporters are of platinum, and are removable, to be taken out when the garment is washed, or they can be left out altogether if the wearer prefers. Most garments have the stiffening blade directly underneath the buttons and buttonholes, attached to one side, which holds one side smooth only, In some of our styles we place these blades just back of the buttons on one side, and of the buttonholes on the other, underneath a strip, making the front thinner, and preventing it from losing its shape, or wrinkling at the waist line. Our waists are adapted to every figure, and all of them possess the full ease and comfort of a truly hygienic waist, with the fit and figure of a comfortable corset.

For young ladies and misses we make a waist which furnishes perfect support from the shoulders rather than for the hips --- the most healthful and satisfactory garment for girls from eight to sixteen years of age.   These waists are made from fine soft jean, and the buttons are attached to the waists by tapes, which prevent tearing.

For children, our waists are perfect fitting, easy of adjustment, and afford ample support for the under garments and hose supporter. They are made of fine silesia, lined with soft jean. The buttons are attached by tapes to webbing which is set: into the cloth, making it impossible for them to tear out.

Full description of these waists will be sent free upon application.

The Warner Brothers Company, 359 Broadway, New York City.

It cannot slip off or cut the stocking.
No metal in contact with the flesh.
No ruined stockings.
No embarrassing breakdowns.
By a special device it is made without any
  stitches in the elastic, which makes it
  outlast two supporters of the old kind.
It holds thick stockings.
It holds thin stockings.
It holds all stockings.
Easily applied by any child.

Sold everywhere.   Sample sets by mail; Silk, Ladies', 36 cents, with belts, 70 cents; Children's, 28 cents; Cotton, Ladies, 16 cents, with belts, 24 cents; Children's, 12 cents.

THE WARNER BROTHERS CO., 359 Broadway, New York.