Now you may purchase custom made corsets with any desired waist measurement made by the finest corsettiere in the world and designed exclusively for you to your own specifications. We can aver, without qualification) that regardless if you pay more, or less,  you cannot buy better workmanship, fit,  and quality at any price,  anywhere in the U.S.A., as you have the benefit of a master craftsman with over 50 years experience in his art when you deal with Fine Craft.
White Satin Corsetwasp-waist corset
The above White Satin Corset with 20" waist is very effective in reducing the waist 8" with comparative ease because it does not have bulky length, therefore, is recommended when waist reduction is your only need. A 10" waist reduotion is possible with a narrow, wasp-waist corset. The above corset has a base price of $55.00 and cost $13. extra for satin and garters.The Wasp Waist Corset made in tearose coutil above, is the most popular corset because it performs the functions of pushing up the breasts for a youthful bust line, pushing out the hips for glamorous curves, and nipping in the waist 6" to 8" to complete your voluptuous figure. Wear it with full skirted styles for a new fashion thrill at only $55.00, custom made.