Training CorsetTraining Corset
Two styles of Training Corsets are available. The Corset above is the true training corset which slims the waist and restricts firmly from below the bust to just 2" above the knee. It has 9 buckles down the back which cost $2.00 each extra or $18.00 over the base price of $85.00 for the corset, and the knee strap at $5.00 extra. It hobbles the step effectively, however, we will make the corset in ankle length (the sleeping corset), for $20.00 extra. The above pictured corset happens to be red calf leather so was made for $85.00 plus $125. for leather plus $18. for buckles plus $5.00 for knee strap or a total of $233.00.The Training Corset is usually made with front busk to pelvis and an extension of laces below the front busk with laces the entire length of the back. It may also be made in a panty style corset as above for $10.00 extra over the regular price of $85.00. It may also be made without front busk or back laces, but with lacers down the entire length of each side for $95. The above Panty Corset is of black kid leather, therefore, it can be duplicated for only $85.00 plus $125.00 for leather plus.. U9,00 for panty style or a total of $220.00.