Woven Christmas Heart


By Denmark we do have lots of varying Christmas traditions, one of the traditions is
"the Yule-heart" (Jule-hjertet), a Woven Paper Christmas Heart Basket. A symbol of Christmas by Danmark, a heart of Christmas
Inventored by Hans Christian Andersen in 1867

List of names of the Yule-heart
According to the old traditions, the danes do ring dance round The Christmas tree, by the later evening on the 24 December.
By the ring dance do singing seriously hymns to new Jesus Child (by slow tempo) and funny sings to household god, about he's Christmas, (by quick tempo) by change.

After the ring dance, the children and others do have permission to the baskets on the tree. (by nut-kernels and sweets, but not greasy sweets, cause the paper do been gooey.)
And one reading child do take only one present, under the Christmas tree,
do read out loud the label and do give the present to the recipient.
Originally, the child presents was the sweets and decorations on the tree.

Making a Woven Christmas Heart

    Stars (stjerner), Hearts (hjerter), Figures (figure) Patternes (mønstre) Crazy
    Templets to printing